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Why 100% accuracy is a myth

Accuracy: Automation versus Human

100% accuracy is agnostic to any industry, it frankly just doesn't exist.

Given the statement above, let's dive a bit deeper in the comparison between automation versus human data entry/stare & compare.

According to an article posted by ConnectPointz in August 2022 (*source listed below) human error rates range between 1-4% as opposed to Automation produced results which generally return error rates hovering around 2.5%.

Now let's factor in some compensating factors:

  • Automated solutions return results 5-10x faster

  • Automated solutions get more accurate over time

  • Automated solutions are cheaper

  • Automated solutions don't get tired or complacent

Given automated solutions are able to achieve more accurate results compared to humans combined with the compensating factors listed above, it's time to take action and adopt automation for monotonous tasks such as document indexing and data extraction.

Don't hesitate to reach out to us directly with any questions or to schedule a demo!

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